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Be guided by experienced dating coaches to take control of your dating life so you can meet the right person and build the relationship you desire. 

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Yup, dating and relationships can often feel like hard work! But let me tell you, in your mind you’re probably beating yourself up more than you need to! Don’t let fear stop you from finding the right partner and relationship you deserve. Our Perth relationship coaches will be able to assist you and support you every step of the way with your new dating journey. 

On those rare occasions when you do find someone you’re interested in, you find yourself overthinking things and then it just seems to fizzle out. 


Sometimes you feel anxious that you don’t have the correct dating skills or relationship experience and find yourself talking yourself out of possible dating opportunities for fear of getting hurt again.


You wonder why the people you’re interested in don’t seem to like you back while those who are interested in you usually aren’t the kind of partner you’re looking for.


Even though you are wanting to be in a relationship sometimes you find the thought of offering a part of your life to someone new very scary!


When your friends and family ask why you haven’t met someone yet you tell them you’re too busy to date, however the truth is you don’t know the answer to that question and throwing yourself into work and friends seems way easier than making dating more of a priority. 


While people love to reassure you that “You’ll find love when the time is right” time is ticking and you’re starting to wonder if it’s ever going to find you. 


Does any of this resonate with you?

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 Get the support and guidance you need from Perth's top dating coaches, Jiveny and Joe. Through our personal coaching programs you’ll gain an insight on how to navigate the modern dating scene with clarity and ease. 

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Step closer to finding the right partner by understanding your dating strategy! This free quiz will provide insight into your dating strategy's strengths and weaknesses and teach you about the key elements of attraction dynamics.

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We have created several valuable online coaching programs that can assist you in building long lasting attraction and healthy relationships. Click the button below to explore the options and learn more. 

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You may have preconceptions about how a relationship coach could help you... Let’s be clear - we’re not pickup artists here to teach you sleazy tactics and cheezy pickup lines!

Relationship coaching - the Dating For Love way, is for those who want to find and build a healthy, lasting relationship and who are ready to do the real work to achieve it. 

Our mission is to teach you the fundamental dating and relationship skills you’ll use for the rest of your life to create and nurture a healthy and secure relationship with a quality life partner.

Perth's top dating for love coaches, Jiveny and Joe, are here to assist you in finding the right partner.

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Through both personal experience and insights gained through our work as dating coaches, plus our ongoing study of evolutionary psychology and social sciences, we have been able to develop an extremely effective approach to dating coaching.
Our Attraction Styles method has been developed to assist you in learning how to create sustainable attraction and build healthy relationships - just like the one you’ve been craving.
Before we met one another we had both experienced the ups and downs of dating and truly know the agony and uncertainty that can come with trying to find the right partner.
So if you’re ready to date for love and attract and build a long lasting relationship then you, my friend, have come to the right place! 

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Groundhog Day is a Parable of Modern Dating


Why ‘Chemistry’ Can Be So Hard To Find


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Explore our blog articles and gain a better understanding of our philosophy and why we are Perth's top dating and relationship coaches. 

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Before working with Jiveny I was struggling with choosing the wrong men and navigating my insecurities. I wanted a serious, committed relationship but I often had trouble keeping guys interested or would wind up chasing them away. Other times, I would go for an easy guy who liked me (which was never very satisfying).

Since working together, I’ve noticed a huge shift in my mindset and approach to dating for the better. I’m much more able to manage my reactions and approach, allowing the guys I am interested in to come to me.

I’ve now met a great guy who is proactive in building a healthy relationship with me and who puts effort in to keep things fun and interesting. Even better he also takes an interest in personal development and makes open communication feel effortless and natural. Overall, I have been amazed with how much I have learnt and progressed and I cannot recommend Jiveny highly enough!

 I have been amazed with how much I have learnt and progressed.

I did not have good relationship modelling from my parents, which Joe has helped me understand. He's given me a healthier framework that I can use to assess future potential partners. 

Without having done this work, I can guarantee that I would still be making the same mistakes. It's a challenge but I now believe that something better is waiting for me. 

Before working with Joe, I was always pursuing women that made me feel crazy and led to toxic relationships


Lauren, 28 | digital Marketing Executive

Before working with Jiveny I had just come out of a 6-year relationship and was realising I didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes or be with that kind of person again. After working with Jiveny I experienced a major shift in my dating behaviour. I was much more able to identify partners that were not suitable for me and avoid them, as well as understand how to navigate dating better and really get to know a partner as we built the connection.

Best of all this journey has led me to a healthy, fulfilling relationship where I feel a new awareness and confidence! I know what I want and deserve in a partner and I am able to bring my best self to the relationship. I didn’t think it was truly possible to find this kind of relationship before working with Jiveny.

I didn’t think it was truly possible to find this kind of relationship before working with Jiveny.

Wiiliam, 34 | Engineer 

Before working with Joe I was unsure of myself, as I was starting out on my dating journey and feeling a bit overwhelmed given my lack of experience in this area. Diving in the deep end was essentially what l'd done, but without any real method to what I was doing I couldn't tell if I was moving forwards or backwards. I found our work together insightful by being able to get a different perspective on my experiences, and being able to develop a constructive way forward and draw from the experience of someone else. ever been able to say before. 

Since working together I've become
better at handling and reflecting on the
ups and downs, as well as having a better
approach to this whole dating thing.


I was disillusioned with my dating life and seeking a long-term healthy relationship so I contacted Jiveny. From our very first session, I felt comfortable and excited to begin working with her.

Through our work, she helped me identify my barriers, clarify what I wanted in a partner and what a healthy relationship looked like. I was also able to identify the mistakes I had been making. This work has really helped me to developed much more confidence in dating and relationship and I was excited to put what we worked on into practice.

I am now in the best relationship I have ever had and excited for the future. I attribute this to the work I did with Jiveny. Whether you are in the dating world or in a relationship, I would not hesitate in recommending Jiveny. She has changed my life for the better, making me the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

Jiveny has changed my life for the better, making me the happiest I’ve been in a long time.


Before working with Jiveny I had been meandering the online dating circuit for about 18 months with no real luck beyond a third date. Jiveny helped me to understand the destructive patterns I had created for myself and assisted me in developing a greater awareness of the ways in which I was self-sabotaging my love life.

Throughout our sessions together, I felt a genuine sense of care from Jiveny and never rushed. Her course materials and resources are fantastic and really helped me to get clear on what I want from a relationship and why. The best support has been in understanding the decisions I have made and how these have drawn the wrong kinds of people to me in the past. The tools she has given me to navigate dating and relationships are invaluable.

Best of all, I am now in a healthy long-term relationship with a wonderful man.

The tools she has given me to navigate dating and relationships are invaluable.


Jiveny gave me permission to speak openly about some of my deepest fears, anxieties, desires and dreams and was completely present with me as I talked. Her questions guided me to self-assess and reflect on my own beliefs and attitudes in ways that I had never considered before.

Through this, I discovered new ways to think about and overcome habitual thought patterns that had been preventing me from self-acceptance. Most of all, Jiveny helped me identify the deeper core feelings and unmet needs stopping me from living my life fully. After our coaching sessions I've felt a deeper sense clarity, confidence and a true sense of empowerment.

Clarity, confidence and a true sense of empowerment

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PSST... Do you know what your 'Dating Strategy' is?

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