Before you send us an email or submit our contact form, please read the following guidelines to ensure you get a response. 😉

Welcome to our contact page

Want to interview us?

Great, we love doing interviews!

To keep the process streamlined, please read the following guidelines before contacting us: 

Suggested interview topics:
Our best topics are dating, attraction, relationships, deeper friendships, personal development, and archetypal work, though we also love talking about the ins and outs of running a thriving coaching business. 😉

Example interview themes…
  • Common modern dating pitfalls
  • Understanding the psychology of attraction
  • Mindset myths and shifts to help you get the most out of dating
  • The foundations of a healthy relationship
  • How to make the most of online dating
  • Offline dating strategies

Otherwise we can just freestyle on dating and attraction!

To make sure we don’t waste each other’s time, we usually say no to:
  • Interviews that are not relevant to our zone of genius (i.e. dating, attraction and relationships, friendships, running a coaching biz)
  • Being an expert on paid programs or anything that requires an opt-in.
  • Group telesummits

Here’s what we say yes to:
  • A decent amount of subscribers on your newsletter list
  • A dating interview for your website or publication (usually a non-opt in based interview)
  • A win-win fit in terms of branding (ie. neither of us would be embarrassed to showcase each other)

Time Zones
Please note, we're based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia (AEST) and usually set aside time on Monday or Tuesday afternoons for interviews. Unless you’re Oprah, I’m sorry we can’t do odd hours or weekends.

How do we schedule in an interview?
Fill in the form HERE with all your details. If there’s a fit, my team will contact you within 3 business days to get next steps.

We're also happy to discuss creating a giveaway for your audience or creating an affiliate promotion.

Want to work 1:1 with Joe or Jiveny?

That’s great!

Instead of filling out our contact form, please review our coaching page and submit a coaching application form and we’ll be in touch with your next steps. 😊

Want to be mentored by Jiveny?

If you’re an up and coming coach wanting to break into the dating & relationship space, then check out my mentoring page!

This work is SO needed and I love supporting other coaches to develop their specialization!

Want to pitch us your services?

If you’re a copywriter, launch strategist, SEO guru or want to pitch us another service you think could ‘increase our web traffic and sales’ then good for you, but we don’t want to hear about it. #sorrynotsorry

We’ve been getting these requests weekly for years and we honestly don’t have the time to reply to your emails and follow up emails, so if you do send us an email about this, please do not expect a response.

We’ll give it to you straight, when we're looking to hire, we like to do our own research.

The only exception here is if you’re an up and coming coach wanting to break into the dating & relationship space, then check out our mentoring page and feel free to get in touch.

For aligned brand collabs, please email us here with your idea and budget.

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Just want to say hi?

Leave us a comment on one of our Instagram posts 👉HERE.

For anything else:

Please send our assistant an email and they’ll aim to get back to you within 3 business days!