– Albert Einstein

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

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Get off the dating rollercoaster and into the driver's seat of your love life. Work alongside Jiveny to maximise your dating strategy and uncover relationship wisdom you'll follow for the rest of your life.

The Alchemy of Attraction

for women

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Stop gambling in love, and learn how to transform the cards you’ve been dealt into a winning hand. Join Joe in our relationship course for men, as you learn how to date for love and build sustainable attraction.

The Winning Hand

for men

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This mini dating course will support you through the delicate early stages of dating so that you can pace a new connection and build a healthy relationship while avoiding unnecessary heartache.

The Slow Dating Movement

for everyone

Dating For Love offers a variety of courses developed by relationship coaches Jiveny and Joe to help you navigate the modern dating scene. Our relationship courses for singles include The Slow Dating Movement, The Winning Hand (for men) and the Alchemy of Attraction (for women). 

Explore our Best-Selling Relationship courses:

Why invest in a dating course? 

Review the course content wherever you are and whenever you need it, through our handy app-based online learning platform.

Connect with other like-minded people on a similar journey through our online community

Develop the fundamental dating and relationship skills you need to be able to attract a quality partner and create a healthy, secure and lasting relationship

Gain a deeper understanding of the opposite sex and learn to communicate with them more effectively

Uncover your blindspots and overcome the blocks and barriers that will otherwise keep you stuck

Get a proven step by step framework that can seriously help you fast track your journey to good love and avoid unnecessary heartache

We sure do! We offer 1:1 relationship coaching sessions & packages - learn more here.

Do you offer more support than just dating courses? 

To get started you will simply need a device such as a laptop, ipad or smartphone with internet to access all the valuable material along with an open mind that’s ready to take it all in.

What will I need to get started on the dating courses? 

The short answer is, this depends... A great place to start is with our audio course The Slow Dating Movement. This course is designed to guide you through the delicate early stages of dating and developing a new relationship as we outline the key milestones, mindsets and objectives you should bring to each date to ensure things are moving along at a healthy pace.

However, if you are wanting to dive deeper into understanding the opposite sex and develop the key relationship skills for attracting a high quality partner and building a healthy secure relationship, then we recommend signing up to either The Winning Hand (for men) or The Alchemy of Attraction (for women).

What course should I start with? 

Our dating courses are for singles who are wanting to attract and create sustainable and healthy relationships with a quality partner. 

Who are dating courses for? 

FAQs about our dating courses