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PSST! Do you know what your 'Attraction Style' is?

You’re curious, you’re keen, and you’re ready to step up your dating game on your search for love.

If you’re wondering if dating and attraction coaching is the right match for you, then read on, let's figure this out together...

Dating, Relationship & Love Coaching
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Find yourself holding back and missing opportunities to engage with women?

Feel confused and overwhelmed by the modern dating scene?

Struggle to get repeat dates with the women you are actually interested in?

Wonder if you will ever find a quality partner to share the next phase of your life with?

Wish you had someone else you could talk to about all this stuff? Someone who could help you break bad habits and make the right moves?

Do you...

I'm ready for a dating coach

You feel like you’re always being overlooked or turned down in the dating scene, and are ready to be seen for who you truly are.

You’re ready to feel more confident around women so you can connect with them on a deeper level.

You’re eager to not only understand the foundations of a strong, healthy relationship, but to learn how to create one for yourself.

You’re ready to do whatever it takes to move past the blocks keeping you from the relationship you really want.

If any of these sound familiar, it might be time to level up and get yourself an online dating coach for men. 

I can help you unlock your hidden advantages as you navigate the modern dating scene.


What if you could learn how to confidently navigate the dating world and attract the kind of woman you truly desire?

Passionate, secure and rewarding relationships start with understanding yourself - and women - on a deeper level. That’s where I come in. 

As your online dating, attraction and relationship coach, we can work together to identify, understand, and overcome the blocks and barriers that are holding you back from good love. 

Don’t trust your mates’ anecdotes and outdated dating advice. Get a fresh perspective and honest insight, from an experienced relationship coach for men. 

Coaching isn’t just a friendly chat (although it can sometimes feel like it). You’ll get actionable strategies to upgrade your dating life and expand your options when it comes to finding a lasting relationship.

It’s time to maximise your potential to attract your ideal partner and create a lasting, committed relationship.

Dating and relationships can be messy and confusing. But disappointment, heartache and uncertainty should not be the norm in our relationships.

Sometimes, it feels like finding a loving, committed partner is an unattainable goal. 

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It's time to get the love you really want!

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Choose your own adventure:

We work with people who are ready to date for love. People date for so many reasons - validation, excitement, sex, boredom - but dating for love… that’s when the work really begins.

Together, we can unpack what's been missing from your dating strategy, transform your approach, and help you get to the next level in your relationships. 

I have years of coaching experience and a toolkit of coaching skills that I bring to every session. I also bring an outside perspective and real-life experience to whatever challenge you’re facing.

Women and men have both spent their lives being sold a story of love through fairytales, rom-coms and our favourite TV shows. But the roles we’ve been taught to play - the daring action hero or the unattainable prince - often don’t translate to lasting connections and sustainable attraction in the real world.

Let’s work together to identify your relationship strategy, see where you're going wrong, and adapt your approach to dating in a way that feels easy and empowering.

Hey, I'm Joe, and I work with my wife Jiveny Blair-West to help people get past what is holding them back from great relationships.

Meet Your Coach



Step One: Fill out my 1:1 coaching application form here.

Step Two: Discovery & Strategy Session
I'll review your application, and as long as I feel confident I can help you, I'll invite you to book in a Discovery & Strategy Session. This is an online video call where we will meet to go through your past relationship history and identify the main goals of working together. I'll also be exploring with you the specific patterns and issues you've been facing in your love life. It's also a good opportunity to decide if working together is a good match. This initial session is $337 inc GST. From there, I'll create a tailored plan for us to move forward.

Step Three: Let's do this!
Most people who do the Discovery and Strategy Session gain valuable insights and appreciate the support I can offer them going forward. Realistically change takes time which is why I like to work with clients for a minimum of 6-12 sessions as we unravel the conditioning that has been holding you back. Overall, I like to take a practical approach to growth and will support you in implementing the necessary strategies to achieve your personal and relationship goals. I'm also happy to discuss special coaching packages and deals at the end of our initial session.

Your Very Own, Personal relationship coach for men

Improving your online dating profile

Making the most of offline dating opportunities

Overcoming toxic relationship patterns

Creating sustainable attraction dynamics (cultivating chemistry)

Implementing healthy boundaries

Creating the foundations for a healthy relationship

Understanding women and how to connect on a deeper level

Improving your social skills and expanding your friendship network

Support for people in new relationships

Relationship growth (support for couples already in long-term relationships)

Examples of the sorts of topics I cover with my clients:

Most relationship coaches for men don't include their prices on their website. I prefer to be upfront about your investment.

Working with me is more than a simple time-for-money equation. I am 100% committed to getting you results which is why it's never just the hour that we connect for a session, but also the time I spend between sessions considering your needs and providing support and extra resources via email.

You may also want to take a moment to consider how much time and frustration you will save yourself by getting some expert dating guidance. My clients often describe the work that we do as an invaluable asset to their personal development.

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Learn the skills to get the love you want & attract and sustain a healthy, passionate long-term relationship 

Love is the ultimate gamble, but success in dating - much like success in poker - doesn’t just rely on luck. Any great poker player knows how to craft a winning strategy using whatever hand they’ve been dealt.

The Winning Hand is a dating and relationship course for men that teaches you the key attractive traits women are looking for in a relationship, and how you can cultivate these skills within yourself. 

No underhanded tactics, just a tried and tested dating strategy.
It's time to up-level your dating game and win big in your love life.

Transform the cards you've been dealt into the Winning Hand

The Winning Hand™️

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PSST... Do you know what your 'Attraction Style' is?

quiz for women

quiz for women

quiz for men

quiz for men

Understanding your attraction style takes you closer to truly understanding the dynamics of attraction, improving your relationship skills, and expanding your opportunities to find a great partner!

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