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A Workshop for Men: How to play smart and win big in love even if dating feels hopeless

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Love is the ultimate gamble, but success in dating - like success in poker - does not rely on luck. A great poker player will cultivate their skills and bet big only when the cards are right.

Transform the cards you've been dealt into The Winning Hand

Transform the cards you've been dealt into The Winning Hand

it's your time

People date for lots of reasons - fun, sex, excitement, something to fill a Saturday night - but when it comes to dating for love, you need a different playbook.

It's time to up your dating strategy and win over the love of your life.

It’s time to play your winning hand.

The Winning Hand


Love can feel like the ultimate gamble, but success in dating shouldn't rely on luck. You see your mates winning big, building sustainable attraction and meaningful long-term connections - and know that something needs to change.

But what? It’s time to realise that good relationships don’t just happen. Like any good poker player, it’s time to cultivate your game, refine your strategy, and learn how to play your cards right.

What's the difference between men who gamble in love and men who play a winning hand?

Are you ready for change?

This one isn’t easy for men to admit. But you can hear it, can’t you? The idea of being an old dad, unable to kick a ball without tearing a hamstring, is like a clock ticking in the back of your mind.

The ticking clock


You jump on and off the dating apps faster than a kid jumping on a trampoline. You go through a flurry of actively swiping, matching and messaging before you start to feel burnt out, demoralised and stop.

inconsistent Actions


You make a match, maybe even go on a few dates. But then things start to fizzle out and soon enough you’re back at square one - without any clarity on where things went wrong. 

'Groundhog date'


If I were a betting man, I’d put money on the fact that you’re experiencing these common symptoms of dating burnout.

Or, you can make a change...

You can choose to keep living with dating burnout, feeling your self-esteem drop with every little disappointment and heartbreak. 

You know you’re supposed to love the single life. Dating for fun and sex… isn't that what being a single guy is all about? But in the quiet moments, when you’re alone, you admit that you want to build a deeper connection.

You want a secure relationship, but you’re not even sure you know what that looks like. Maybe the relationships you’ve grown up with don’t mirror what women are looking for today - a world where men and women lead in families and societies as equals. You want a modern relationship founded on respect, collaboration and equality, but how will you get there?

You want more - and you can’t shake the feeling that time is running out. You worry that you’ll never meet your match. Meanwhile, you look at the men around you, and they make it look so easy. What makes you different?

To truly be seen as a man with a winning hand, you have to take the time to develop the skills to navigate dating well and become a great life partner and then be willing drop the mask and let others get to know the real you.

Does this sound familiar?

Okay, here's an important question for you...

Build a loving, passionate and healthy relationship.

Have women pursuing YOU for commitment.

Project warmth and intrigue.

Show up on dates with confidence in yourself.

I can help you:

I know what it feels like to be lost, trying to unlock your dating and relationship success.

I also know how to teach you a deeply fulfilling way of approaching relationships with women that greatly boosts your chances of falling (and staying) in love.

I didn't always have a winning hand myself...

You’re not alone

*This course is purely focused on helping men to understand attraction and relate to women better. Women can explore our Alchemy of Attraction course here. If you are interested in an LGTBQI+ relationship course, please email us here. We will be working on other versions of this course in the future and would love to hear from you!

Looking for the real deal: the inspiring thrill ride that is true and lasting love

Interested in more than just a casual hookup (they're fine, but not what this course is about) 

Serious about this - you want to move quickly and welcome love into your life, without delay 

Done with unnecessary heartache from trying to figure everything out on your own

Ready to setup healthier patterns to build your ideal future and dream relationship

Open to new techniques for communicating with potential partners and pushing through the fear

Willing to develop your inner guides around dating and tune into your innate wisdom 

Tired of attracting people who don't really interest you (while getting nowhere with women you really like) 

Disappointed by your previous mistakes in relationships 

A man seeking a relationship with a woman*

The Winning Hand is for your if you are...

Don't worry, this isn't about cheesy pickup lines or attempting to manipulate women. This is about building true dating and relationship confidence that you'll use for the rest of your life.

In this course, you and I will work together to unpack what's been missing from your dating strategy, transform your approach, and help you get to the next level in your relationships. 

I have years of coaching experience and have collaborated extensively on Jiveny's signature course for women, the Alchemy of Attraction. 

As men, we’ve grown up being told different stories about relationships than women. We’ve had to live up to certain standards of masculinity, that don’t always pave a pathway to healthy relationships. 

In The Winning Hand, you can join a group of like-minded men who are ready to make lasting change.

Forget endlessly swiping right for new matches. 

Instead, I'll show you how to identify your relationship strategy, see where you're going wrong, and adapt your approach to dating in a way that feels easy and empowering.

Hey, I'm Joe, one half of Dating for Love. Along with my wife Jiveny, we help people who are ready to date for love, and get past what is holding them back from great relationships.

Meet your teacher

Lifetime course access - jump in for a refresher any time!

An online community connecting you with other men on a similar journey

Live Q&A sessions (with me) to make sure we're all on the same page

Practical exercises and external resources to make this knowledge real

Four archetypes and shadow sides to map out your dating strategy

9 weeks of relationship insights, with audio, video and written materials to support your learning

What you'll get:

Build a secure relationship by asserting healthy boundaries with confidence and grace along the way

Get insights into the hearts and minds of women as you learn how to nurture and relate to them more effectively

Update your relationship strategy so that you'll be able to attract the woman of your dreams

Develop a deeper understanding of how to navigate the modern dating scene and get satisfying results

Unlock more confidence in how you approach, interact and relate to women

In this course you will...

Discover exactly what you'll learn:

Take a look inside the course modules

Gain clarity as you identify where your dating strategy is weakest, and how to fix it

Discover the 4 archetypes of masculine attraction which symbolise the skills necessary to build a healthy & passionate relationship

Learn about the female perspective when it comes to dating and relationships and what they are really attracted to

Develop a realistic and positive attitude towards dating based on scientific principles

Week One: Rules of The Game

module 5

module 4

module 3

module 2

module 1

Take action and develop your experience with practical exercises that anchor this wisdom in the real world

Learn how to express healthy boundaries & navigate conflict effectively to create security in a new relationship

Clarify your relationship vision and assess previous dating strategies that no longer serve you, so that you don't waste any more of your precious time with the wrong people

Get stuck into the lessons of your first archetype; learn about their superpowers and understand their shadow sides

Weeks 2 & 3: Build Dating Effectiveness & Confidence

module 5

module 4

module 3

module 2

module 1

Learn how to let someone in and build a strong emotional connection without scaring them away

Discover how to talk to women and communicate your interest in a safe, effective way

Explore the negative beliefs you may have about women and relationships that are holding you back from making a strong connection

Meet your second archetype. Get to know their lessons and understand their shadow sides

Weeks 4 & 5: Expressing Warmth & Vulnerability

module 5

module 4

module 3

module 2

module 1

Learn how to build tension and exercise self-restraint to drive women wild

Study how to develop a deep connection with women and invite intimacy into new relationships

Discover how to escalate a romantic connection while showing her you’re safe and sexy 

Meet your third archetype; the Lover and learn how he connects with and attracts quality women

Weeks 6 & 7: Demonstrating Desire & Self-Control

module 5

module 4

module 3

module 2

module 1

Connect with your own relationship wisdom and anchor your new dating strategy in the real world

Integrate the tools to stay connected to your individuality while you navigate a new relationship

Learn to understand and relate to women on a level that makes them see you as real, 'life partner' material

Meet your final archetype, uncover their shadow sides and embody their key lessons

Weeks 8 & 9: Solidifying Your Relationship Wisdom

module 5

module 4

module 3

module 2

module 1


Before joining The Winning Hand, I was recovering from a recent breakup and navigating a sort of mid-life crisis around my sense of purpose and what I’m doing with my life as I started to think more long-term.

In the past I’d had lots of short relationships and hook-ups as I struggled with neediness, keeping the relationship fun, being monogamous and feeling secure and worthy of a relationship.

I found this program helped me to gain clarity around my strengths and weaknesses and enabled me to bring a more balanced approach to dating and relationships. The content was interesting, well-rounded and provided me with a lot of additional resources to draw from.

Learning about the archetypes in the order that they are presented really opened my eyes to my dating strategy and what needed to change to serve my mission for lasting romance.
During the course I found my desire to have random, short, high-intensity encounters lessened as my desire for lasting romance increased. I also found joy in connecting with King energy and getting a better picture of what parts of my inner-archetypes need work.

I appreciate the dedication Joe has to this work as it clearly springs from his own dedication to be the best man he can be.

There is also a great joy to being in a group/community that is working towards greater love and relationships and it was helpful to connect with others and know I’m not the only one working on this. Hearing perspectives from the other students was extremely illuminating
and inspired me to show up with dedication and discipline.

Since doing the course life's pretty great and I’m dating a woman I'm pretty into right now
which feels really supportive and deep as well as fun and silly

This course allowed me to see my blind spots and showed me a vision of the kind of man I could be. It gave me the confidence to know which way to focus my energy and what to build a value
system around.


You'll be joining a safe community of men who share your hopes and goals for the future.

Together, we will witness and support each other while we do the deep inner work required to shift our relationship mindsets.

It's a dating course for men with a safe space to share and celebrate.

But nothing is forced:
     you can share and be vulnerable
     or you can sit back, listen and absorb at your own pace

No matter how little or how much you contribute, you will get the support you need and interact in a way that is unashamedly you.

With five modules of online content AND nine group sessions with me, this tailored program will transform your love life for the better.

This is not a go-it-alone relationship course

All the support you need!

No one teaches us how to date in school and the internet is full of opinions from shallow pickup artistry techniques to confusing messages about "being an alpha male."

Sometimes we can get so overwhelmed that we lose touch with our own natural instincts. And when we start to doubt ourselves, our confidence crumbles.

Perhaps you fell hard for someone and desperately tried to keep them. Or perhaps you have a strong fear of intimacy, so you've never let anyone get too close. Now life is rushing by and you're worried that a great love just isn't in your future.

I know you have the potential to attract good love into your life. Successful dating for men all starts with knowing yourself, and tapping into your own inner wisdom. It's all there within you, just waiting to be actualised.

Let me show you how with The Winning Hand relationship course for men.

We've all read the fairy tale... You meet a beautiful princess, slay a dragon, fall in love, are happy, 'the end.' But it's not so simple, is it?

Happily NEVER After?

Develop a dating strategy that actually gets you the love you want. Learn the subtle art of pacing so that you don't sabotage or rush a relationship.

Learn how to safely express your desire; how to let women in and build a strong emotional connection that can be the foundation for a great relationship.

Refine your relationship vision and learn to develop healthy boundaries so that you don't waste any more of your precious time with the wrong people.

Identify where your dating strategy is weakest, why and what you need to do to become and be recognised as a very desirable partner for high quality, eligible women.

Discover the four archetypes of masculine attraction to embody the skills necessary to build a healthy, passionate, secure, long-term relationship.

Inside this e-course you'll learn all you need to know about attraction dynamics and building a strong foundation for a healthy relationship:

Jiveny and her father (a psychiatrist and relationship therapist) wrote this book to help people more carefully consider the choice of choosing a life partner. It unpacks what to be looking at and exploring with a potential suitor.

In this course, we'll be taking these insights to the next level by exploring how you can maximise your own masculine gifts. 

It’s about improving your dating strategy to more easily attract a quality partner and build a secure and passionate long-term relationship from the start.

Regardless of whether you've read this book or not, the course will set you up for relationships success by multiplying your options. Then you can read the book to figure out who to choose!

Then, this is your next step.

Already read How to Make The Biggest Decision of your Life? 

The Winning Hand walks you through a proven, four-part framework. It will take you from feeling stuck in your love life and unable to attract a quality partner, to easily and consistently attracting good women who value who you are and are willing to pursue you for commitment. 

This puts you in the driver’s seat of your love life so that you can choose the right partner for yourself and co-create the family/lifestyle you have always wanted.

Are you ready to say goodbye to all your dating turmoil?

And now it's your turn!

Julian, 40

Before joining The Winning Hand I was unsure of how to show up and be a great potential partner as I didn’t really have any clear references, despite my parents staying together throughout my childhood.

Diving in the deep end was essentially what I’d done, but without any real method to what I was doing I couldn’t tell if I was moving forwards or backwards.

The course helped me to get clear on what to look for in a potential life partner as well as the character traits I needed to develop within myself.

Given many of my early dating experiences were negative (being rejected, ghosted and the like) combined with a lack of relationship experience, I soon realised success would have been difficult to achieve on my own.

These negative experiences were also taking a toll on my self-esteem which I knew if left unaddressed could contribute to a further negative spiral and lead me to give up on dating all together.

I found this program helped to make some of the aspects of dating more tangible (instead of a blind guessing game). The archetypes provided a helpful frame of reference that allowed me to better understand myself and the people I was meeting through dating. It also highlighted some of the unconstructive traits and behaviours one can unconsciously contribute. Moving forward it has helped me to better understand myself and provided me with a map to reflect on and to view others.

Now I have a much greater awareness of relationships and feel more confident in myself and my interpretation of other people’s character traits along the journey.

I’ve since met a gorgeous woman who I can genuinely see a great future with. We’re now in a committed relationship and I enjoy spending time with her.

Overall I feel The Winning Hand is a worthwhile and insightful course to do as it provides a positive and wholistic frame of reference for dating. If I hadn’t made the choice to work with Joe, I think I would have found dating even more daunting and been much more dismissive of myself - maybe I would have given up on dating all together!

I joined the course because I wanted to know how to maximise my dating efforts so that I could attract a great partner and build a committed relationship. I also knew I had to unpack what wasn’t working in my current approach to dating and what needed to change.


Ask Joe any extra questions that come up as you work through the course to ensure we're all on the same page.

All online sessions will be recorded so if you can't make the live call, you'll have access to the recording to review at your own pace.

Access to your dating coach, Joe via weekly online calls:

Not only will you have access to this round of the course, but you'll also be able to access all future updates.

Put everything you learn in this course into practice. With practical exercises and external resources this course is designed to support you in making this knowledge real!

A tools and resources hub to help you stay on track and implement your learnings so you can:

Connect and share your experiences with the other students in this course via the online community portal.

Join live or work through the modules at your own pace. Either way the content is all yours to discover and revisit at any time!

A unique online experience including self-paced classes and a community of like-minded men:

Learn how to communicate and relate to women more effectively as you take control of your love life and expand your dating options.


Develop a solid understanding of women, and how to navigate the modern dating scene with clarity and insight as we redesign your dating strategy.

This is a no fluff approach with practical advice divided into weekly lessons that help you:

The Winning Hand dating & relationship course isn't like other courses out there

Still wondering if this is for you?

How much time will the course take each week?


I bet you're wondering...

your questions answered

How much time will the course take each week?


How much time will the course take each week?


To get the best from your investment, I suggest you allow 75 mins for the group coaching calls and 30-60 minutes during the week to complete your coursework. But the assignments I set you won't be like school homework! They're all fun, practical exercises designed to prompt you into challenging your thinking about women, relationships, love and attraction.

Do I get lifetime access to this course?


Do I get lifetime access to this course?


Yes! You get to keep all the worksheets and get access to all future course updates as they are released. Better yet, purchasing this round means you get all the present and future value at the best possible price, as course prices will increase the next time I offer this course.

Am I really ready to do this course?


Am I really ready to do this course?


Some men believe they need to get fitter, make more money, or get over their ex before signing up. But the truth is, you don't need to get ready for The Winning Hand, The Winning Hand is what gets you ready for success in your dating life. We'll cover all the bases that take you from ground zero to the relationship of your dreams.It depends.

Saying that, if you have serious mental-health issues or have experienced significant trauma regarding relationships, this course may not be the sole solution. Additional professional therapy, counselling or psychological support may be necessary. 

When will the group calls be scheduled?


When will the group calls be scheduled?


NOTE: Even if you can’t make some or any of the live calls, you’ll still get ongoing access to the video recordings to watch the replay at a later time so that you can work through the course at your own pace. You'll also have the opportunity to ask me any questions as you review the videos via the online forum.

The dates and times of the live calls will be announced during launch week. Join the waiting list today and we will notify you once the next round of dates are confirmed. :-)

How will the group calls run?


How will the group calls run?


The calls will be scheduled via Zoom. When you register for the course you will get a calendar invitation to add all the calls to your calendar at once.

After each call you'll get access to a recording, plus the slides and resources covered in that lesson.

Do I need to have Facebook for this course?


Do I need to have Facebook for this course?


All you need to access and participate in this course will be hosted within the course portal so it's certainly not necessary to get the most out of this course, however if you would like to join our FB group and connect with other participants there, you're welcome to! 

How can I contact you with questions during the course?


How can I contact you with questions during the course?


I encourage you to ask questions as the course unfolds. You can do this either live, in the online chat while we are on a group call, or between sessions by submitting your questions in the community forum. These questions will then either be answered online via the course platform or during one of our Q&A sessions. Recordings of these sessions will also be made available.

Can I get 1:1 coaching as well?


Can I get 1:1 coaching as well?


Of course! If you feel you want additional one-to-one support from Joe, you can learn more here to find out about his next availability for coaching calls and we will do our best to give preference to TWH students.

What if I don’t like the course, can I get a refund?


What if I don’t like the course, can I get a refund?


Yes, this course has a 14-day do the work money-back guarantee which means:
If you don’t feel like TWH is giving you the skills, strategy, and support you need to attract a quality partner, just email me at within the first two weeks of the course starting, and I’ll give you your money back. The only thing you have to do is attend the first two calls live or watch the recordings, and show me that you've done the homework. Refunds must be requested within 14 days of the course starting. No refunds are provided after the first 14 days, and I do not provide pro-rata refunds for cancelled accounts. After the initial refund period expires, I will continue to process any remaining payments (if you have selected a payment plan option).

LUKE, 34

Before joining The Winning Hand I was struggling to meet the right women as I was making little time for dating, having been out of the scene for a while. I wanted a meaningful relationship, but when I did start dating, I was confronted with a lot of flakiness and a few disappointing no shows or last-minute bail outs.

Looking back, I can now see how I struggled to be direct from the beginning and was spending too much time persisting with the wrong women and wasting valuable time trying to ‘convince’ them it would be a good idea to date.

I found this program helped me to become more aware of my blind spots and how to communicate more clearly even if it means rocking the boat (as in the past I was always too agreeable)
The course itself is very supportive and inclusive. The content was very rich and well-
presented as Joe made things easy to understand.

Since doing this course I’m less of a workaholic and have become more proactive in meeting new people. I’ve also met an amazing woman and so far, it’s going very well.

It’s been a journey to find a high-quality partner but I’ve since found an amazing woman who’s very compatible, and things are going well, so thank you for your help!


Attract a partner who absolutely adores you. Someone who actually puts effort into moving things forward and building an epic life with you!

Learn how to get (and stay) in the driver’s seat of your love life. This means you get to set the pace and date women who are committed to bringing their best to a relationship.

Transform matches into girlfriends (but only if you want to!). Have quality women pursuing you for a committed relationship so that you can take your pick!

A dating strategy that actually works, and helps you to create a strong foundation of love from the beginning.

Clarity and confidence when it comes to approaching the dating scene.

This course is perfect for you if you want real results like....

If you've read this far, it might mean you're still on the fence.

Isn’t it uncomfortable sitting there?

Looking out at a future seeking a committed, long-term relationship… but stuck where you are, making the same mistakes, unsure how to date for love.

It’s time to step off the fence and into your future. 

sam, 27 | project manager

I did not have good relationship modelling from my parents, which Joe has helped me understand. He's given me a healthier framework that I can use to assess future potential partners.

Without having done this work, I can guarantee that I would still be making the same mistakes. It's a challenge but I now believe that something better is waiting for me.

Before working with Joe, I was always pursuing women that made me feel crazy and led to toxic relationships

results that go far beyond dating...

Got a question? Get in touch!